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Custom Millwork, Whole House Projects, No Problem

Custom Millwork, Whole House Projects, No Problem - Custom Shop

Wood floors aren't the only way you can make the attractive and worthwhile additon of real wood to your home. Real wood means real value added to your home or architectural project. Antique Heart PIne and Heart Cypress are beautiful, historic, and durable, not to mention are becoming a diminishing resource. The conditions that allowed the virgin forest to grow and develop into the fine quality reclaimed woods that are available today, will never happen again. No one will plant a tree to be harvested in 200 plus years. Thats just not plausible. Consider a whole house package! Expert milling for historic restorations and custom homes is our specialty. Join our happy clients who have specified our custom milling for everything from doors to floors and any millwork in between.Our custom millshop can supply a variety of useful products such as custom doors, custom stairs, exposed beams, shutters, architectural moldings, wood windows, old style ceiling and paneling, and cabinet stock. Whole house projects, no problem.Take a look at some of the photos of work we've done. Then, ask us about your project so we can get started turning your vision into a reality.

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