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Richard Woods

Richard Woods - Our StoryCEO, Albany Woodworks
As the owner and CEO of Albany Woodworks for over 37 years, Richard Woods has always believed in using sustainable building materials. His home is completely constructed from Antique Heart Pine and Cypress that he carefully salvaged from 100+ year old buildings. In fact, the home he built for his family is where Albany Woodworks got its start.

Looking for a quality building material that would endure the wear and tear of raising two young children and not cost an arm and a leg, Richard was inspired by the rich history of Southern Architecture that surrounded him, and specifically the designs of A. Hayes Town. He noticed that the most beautiful homes in New Orleans and surrounding areas was constructed almost entirely out of Heart Pine and Cypress from the original swamp forests of the South.

With the last virgin-growth forests long since cut down, where would Richard find the tight-grain and large percentage of heart wood that the old lumber had to offer. Following the history of where the original lumber forests traveled, Richard found many turn-of-the-century commercial buildings were built from this quality lumber, and at the time in the 1980's were being torn down.

Richard has spent years perfecting the process of reclaiming these original well-seasoned beams using state-of-the-art machinery. Whether for a new construction or a re-modeling project, we offer a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of truly beautiful Southern-style architecture.

Building with a Craftsman ... The Albany Woodworks Difference
Meet our owner Richard Woods, he is one of the foremost experts on sustainable building with reclaimed Antique lumber from The Heart of the South. He understands the detailed history of how this ideal lumber dubbed the "wood eternal" by early settlers of Louisiana and Mississippi became the naturally aged patina we see on our hand-select beams to this day.

Hand-crafted and Hand-Select Beams and Lumber for all of your projects.

Your order is first selected from our beam stockyard to maximize the usage of these ancient timbers. Dating back to over 1,000 years ago, our Antique Cypress and Heart Pine cannot be duplicated in quality, durability, and affordability. You are adding a life-time of appreciation to your home. You and your family deserve the best - and we know that! Our StoryFrom Our Home to Yours - Truly!
Albany Woodworks carries on a long-standing tradition of quality craftsmanship in Southern Louisiana. Due to Richard's combination of visionary leadership and careful preservation of our past, we are able to offer the very best selection of reclaimed 100% heartwood Antique Heart Pine and Cypress for your home. With 37 years in the business, Albany Woodworks is the choice for Antique Building Materials.

Seeing the beautiful history of Southern Louisiana architecture come to life in our mill, it wasn't long before Judith, Richard's wife and their two daughters April and Alissa joined this traditional family business - now two generations strong. Our company's superior selection of reclaimed antique lumber is truly Woods from the Heart of the South!

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