Pine Beams

Preserving Our Past for Our Future...

Old Pine Beams, Smooth and Stylish

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Old pine timbers, carefully reclaimed from the old brick and timber buildings of our country's recent history. These old pine beams were freshly sawn to make the edges uniform and then sanded. We take pride in providing reclaimed Pine Beams so that their history and beauty can bring something special to your project. Pine Beams can be supplied with a variety of surface treatments. Check out some of the other photos for ideas. We carry a large inventory of sizes and lengths so we may quickly answer your needs. Easy to live with! Order some for your building project today. Just let us know lengths and basic dimensions you will need and we'll get you a quotation including our affordable delivery rates.

Pine Beams with corbels and a wash........

exposed timbers wide plank oak flooringThis elegant home has an imaginative owner who pictured a unique style for her Louisiana home. We supplied beautiful old pine beams, then milled matching corbels. Next in the process was a sandblast treatment and then just before installation the homeowner had them custom finished with a stain style "wash" to give them a lighter overall colo. We think the result is stunning. The flooring  throughout the home is our Engineered Wide Plank "Country" Oak flooring. What about those distinctive doors? Our custom shop crafted doors throughout the house using old growth sinker cypress. We consulted with the homeowner to create custom doors with carved panels depicting her family's personal motif.

Old Pine Beams and the great outdoors...

Old Pine Beams and the great outdoors... - Pine BeamsOutside is In!  These old pine beams were reclaimed from a historic American textile mll and are getting a new life in this outdoor" great room". What a beautiful view, old pine beams accompanied by heart pine ceiling, a perfect match next to the pool. These exposed beam were freshly sawn and then sandblasted. Let us know what you're thinking about. Just give us a call or email us.

Beams.....History for your home

pine beams exposed beams

Back in the time when building craftsmen thought we would never run out of a plentiful supply of these beautiful old timbers, virgin growth southern pine beams were the material of choice for structural integrity as well as showing the natural beauty of solid wood. By the early 1900's nearly all the virgin forests of the south were harvested. These beams were carefully sandblasted and still retain their old timber look. This photo also shows some of our other products, like heart cypress doors, heart pine stairs and ceiling. The exposed beams we keep in supply, ready for use in your planned building projects are dry, aged, and superb. Talk to us about old pine beams for your project. Let us know the number of pieces and sizes you are picturing and we'll provide the information you need to include this special part of our nation's history in your home.

Exposed Pine Beams

pine beamsWe take pride in providing carefully reclaimed Pine Beams so that their history and beauty can bring something special to your project.
Pine Beams can be supplied with a variety of surface treatments from rustic to sanded like the beams in this photo. Just let us know the number of pieces you will need and lengths and dimensions and we'll get you a quote quickly. The heart pine flooring in this photo is random width Wide Plank Sawyers Grade and the door in the background is Antique Heart Pine crafted by our custom millshop.

Exposed Beams

Exposed Beams - Pine BeamsStructural and timeless, but looking light and airy, that's the look our client wanted. What a beautiful result. We paid attention, and made sure our old pine beams were presented in just the right way. We selected the sizes from our large inventory, milled the corbels to match, then had them carefully sandblasted. Just before installation, our client had them finished with a wash type stain and was very happy with the result. Of course, the Engineered "Country" White Oak flooring looks great with the exposed beams too. What's your idea? We're ready for a new project!

Dry, Aged, Superb.....That's the Pine Beams you Want

exposed beamsThe old pine beams in this room were sandblasted gently and then the owners had the Heart Cypress Windows, as well as the old pine beams custom stained to match the natural patina of the old pine flooring which is our  Cabin Rustic Grade Flooring. The flooring in this photo was finished with a clear floor finish. This is the only style flooring that we don't mill the top surface so it retains it's natural color and historic sawmarks. The sawmarks are from the era when it was first cut from the forest to be used in an industrial American mill building. The setting shown here was a recent  historic home remodel. Our millshop crafted solid heart cypress windows for the house, as well as plantation style shutters.Thinking of something special? We like custom projects!