Woods From the Heart of the South

Woods From the Heart of the South - Reclaimed

Worthy of careful salvage and recycling is old growth cypress, as well as white and red oak. Our craftsmen then take this heirloom material and create reclaimed antique flooring and matching stairs and 1000-year-old reclaimed cypress for custom doors, plantation shutters and architectural millwork.

Ask any craftsman, the first step for an exceptional product is exceptional material. Slow dried for hundreds of years, in a vintage building creates stability, durability and natural patina which can only be achieved by reclaimed pine, cypress, and oak for the true wood lover. No new growth product can compare to the superior quality of our reclaimed pine, cypress, and oak.The value of reclaimed pine, cypress, and oak is enhanced by the fact that it is a 100% recycled product, adding to the quality of life for you and your family. Conservation of our natural resources is a responsibility that we all share.

A Message from Owner Richard Woods...

Hear a special message from Albany Woodworks owner Richard Woods regarding the importance of reclaiming this truly historic and beautiful material.

Reclaim the Beauty of Antique Heart Woods

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The Careful Process of Reclaiming Antique Lumber
Here at Albany Woodworks, it is our business to save the future by preserving our past. Historic warehouse districts comprised of turn-of-the-century heart pine beams and brick, are now making way for high-density occupancy dwellings and commerce.

As a result, and through our extensive contacts in the construction and demolition industry throughout the country, we save and carefully dismantle a large portion of 150-year-old buildings being scheduled for demolition daily.

We feel our process is the most responsible as it makes the absolute best use of one of the South and our Nation’s most valuable resources. When you purchase quality flooring and lumber from Albany Woodworks, you are not just buying a lifetime of enjoyment for your home, you are helping to save the Virgin-growth Southern Pine.