Sinker Cypress

Sinker Cypress, the wonder of the" Wood Eternal"

Sinker Cypress, the wonder of the" Wood Eternal" - Sinker Cypress

Sinker Cypress is not only popular with homeowners, even the woodworking community and craftsmen customers rave about it's beautiful coloration, it's fine graining and it's wonderful "workability". They always return to replenish their supply. In this photo, we supplied this beautiful Sinker Cypress for the wall paneling, moldings, ceiling and the custom arch top doors. The Antique Heart Pine flooring is our Number One Grade and it looks just perfect with the Sinker Cypress. Talk to us about your dreams in real wood.

Sinker Cypress, beautiful and water resistant

Let us introduce you to the wonders of versatile Sinker Cypress. Shown in these photos are three bath furnishings, all in different homes and all made from old growth Sinker Cypress. The fine graining of the wood, so close and dense it's pretty much impossible to count the tree rings, can give us something to ponder while we relax in the bath. Of course, the paneling, doors, tub surround and plantation style shutters are all Sinker Cypress. What's not to like? We'll be happy to show you more, just ask!

Sinker Cypress

Sinker Cypress - Sinker CypressThis photo is of a house project in the northeast whose owners love Sinker Cypress very nearly as much as we do. They were very particular and we appreciate that they expected quality wood and millwork and were able to successfully find that with our company. The house is appointed with Sinker Cypress paneling throughout. What a warm quality it lends to the surroundings.  We also supplied the entry door unit and custom wood windows. The flooring is our Premium Grade Antique Heart Pine flooring adding to the perfection, if that's possible.

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Sinker Cypress Modern Style


How about using ancient Sinker Cypress wood in a modern style home? We think it blends beautifully and so do the owners. They wanted to have a warm natural wood look throughout their home. They chose a traditional theme and had already researched the fact that Cypress is a nationally revered wood that is cultivated and protected by a long line of particular families for centuries in Japan. All the ancient temples were built exclusively from the Cypress forests and are carefully tended to thiis day.