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Antique Heart Pine

Antique Heart Pine is available at Albany Woodworks, Inc. from heartwood materials harvested long ago from the virgin growth Southern Longleaf pine trees. The Longleaf pine, meaning the needles themselves were very long, was a unique member of the pine tree family which once dominated the forests that stretched from our southeastern coast and on west to east Texas. These ancient, towering trees which, when harvested, yielded the best type of long, straight grained lumber in colors of rich gold to amber to the warm browns, was more than plentiful then and was freely exported to other states and other countries because of it's special durability and beauty.

In our country's recent history, Antique Heart Pine was the preferred structural material, working like steel does today, for "brick and timber" style mill buildings. You could say that Longleaf Heart Pine was instrumental in the success of the American Industrial Revolution.

When the last of these majestic giants were felled and taken to the saw mills in the mid-1920's the conditions that allowed them to grow slowly and develop their dense heart centers would never be present again. By their very nature, taking hundreds of years to mature, they were not considered for replanting and were replaced by faster growing varieties. It was the close of a special era in our country's history.

Heart Pine was the material of choice when it was first introduced, for examples you will find Antique Heart Pine flooring, stairtreads, and structural materials in almost every Victorian era home in any American city east of the Mississippi River. To add a historic legacy to your home or commercial project, check our other pages for Antique Heart Pine products such as HEART PINE FLOORING, GLUEDOWN HEART PINE FLOORING, EXPOSED BEAMS, HEART PINE STAIR PARTS, CEILING and WALL PANELING, MOLDINGS, CABINET STOCK, and Custom Milling..

Heart Cypress Info


The Antique Heart Cypress supplied by Albany Woodworks, Inc. is exclusively from reclaimed virgin growth materials that were lost during the frenzy of logging that lasted from the late 1800' s until the last "great grandfather" trees fell in the mid 1920's. You may have heard several names for cypress. Swamp cypress, Tidewater Red, Louisiana, Gulf, or Southern Cypress is also called Bald Cypress. "Bald" because it has needle like leaves that are shed each winter. Heart Cypress was an unusual tree that grew naturally in standing water, sending up "knees", specialized bark growths that stood above the water line to send oxygen to the underground roots.

For thousands of years the forest and alluvial basins were undisturbed, allowing these stately giants to slowly grow to heights of 80 to 150 feet with trunks as large as 15 feet in diameter. It's easy to see that they are a relative of the ancient redwoods of the west. The Heart Cypress trees' ultimate demise was hastened because the lumber contained in these huge trees had uniquely subtle grain patterns, beautiful coloration, and unsurpassed rot-resistance. Antique Heart Cypress, known as the "Wood Eternal", has been revered by craftsmen and wood workers for its wonderful workability for over a hundred years. Let us provide this wonderful material for your particular project.

Please check our other pages for Antique Heart Cypress products like CUSTOM DOORS, SHUTTERS, CEILING and WALL PANELING, MOLDINGS, CABINET or DOORSTOCK, and Custom Milling.

New Heart Pine

New Heart Pine

New Heart Pine Flooring is a beautiful and affordable alternative to Antique Heart Pine. New Heart Pine Flooring is carefully selected from new Southern Yellow Pine to provide the durability, color and excitement of pine flooring for the most contemporary or traditional of settings. NuHeart Pine Flooring readily accepts stains or if sealed with a clear finish begins very quickly to take on the natural patina of aged woods. Our NuHeart Pine Flooring is kiln dried and milled to perfection. This product is worthy of your consideration. Please see our New Heart PIne page for details and grade descriptions.

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American Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring milled from American White or Red Oak, Cherry, and Black Walnut, is more than just a floorcovering. It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. There sure are a lot of hardwood flooring on the market these days, why should you buy ours?

Our Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Maple or Walnut Hardwood Flooring features LONG AVERAGE LENGTHS, and this Hardwood Flooring is quartersawn, and clear, no knots, not anywhere. You will have the versatility of being able to choose a width from 2" up to 5" and have the advantage of longer average lengths from 7-9 feet. The result will be lifetime quality hardwood flooring that is the finest in durability and elegance.

America's finest hardwoods are expertly milled and kiln dried to 8% for a perfect fit whether you use our GLUEDOWN, PREFINISHED, OR NAILDOWN FLOORING products. Check our HARDWOOD FLOORING page for more details. What a wonderful way to add value to your home or commercial setting with the warmth of color and durability of this solid American Hardwood Flooring