Louisiana Bald Cypress: Offical State Tree, 1963

The Story Behind Louisiana’s State Tree, the Bald Cypress!

Taxodium distichum known as the Bald Cypress or Tidewater Cypress has long been valued for its water resistance. Thus, it is called ‘wood eternal’.
Bald Cypress: Louisiana State Tree

Designated as the official state tree of Louisiana in 1963, it is considered to be a symbol of the southern swamps. This choice was thanks to the fourth graders of Jefferson Terrace Elementary School in Baton Rouge and their teacher Ms. Juanita Sommers. They decided it was time for the state to adopt an official tree. They selected the it because of its beauty, prevalence and economic impact on Louisiana’s history. They petitioned Louisiana Legislature to add the Bald Cypress as the official state tree. To back their choice, they planted 10 on the school grounds and enlisted the help of LSU School of Forestry.  A bill was drafted and passed in 1963.

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