Albany Woodworks Builds Moon Bridges From Antique Cypress

Moon Bridge projects help Albany Woodworks take off!
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Moon Bridge

Built by Albany Woodworks from our Antique Heart Cypress for its natural weather resistance and durability, the first Moon Bridge was installed in 1988 at the Dallas/Fort Worth Botanical Gardens in the Japanese Garden portion of the gardens. Shortly after, an additional moon bridge was installed at the Springfield, Missouri Botanical Gardens. The Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden in the Springfield Botanical Gardens is the oldest portion of the gardens. A Moon Bridge is an old architectural design that originates in China. It is a high arched pedestrian bridge, typically found in Chinese and Japanese gardens. The placement of the bridge is meant to reflect in the water it is crossing. The reflected arch forms a complete circle which is meant to represent the moon.
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Moon BridgeThese are recent pictures after the bridges have been in service for over 25 years.  From our 1988 ad: “The Moon Bridge is a centuries-old design for a footbridge which will promote a balance of focal interest and serenity among the plant and water elements of your garden area.”

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