Antique Heart Pine Beams are Albany Woodworks’ Specialty

Looking for Antique Heart Pine Beams?

Antique Heart Pine Beams are one of Albany Woodworks’ specialties.  Reclaimed beams from brick and timber buildings of our country’s recent history. Every beam tells a story. It is not unusual to find lumber marks and age-old slogans under the dust of 100 years. Hand checked beams? Beams with original paint? Fresh sawn beams? Special character? Our diverse stock of 100-200 year old antique heart pine beams offering our customers a wide range of looks and dimensions. Knowing how to pick the highest quality beams comes with our President’s 40 years of experience in the reclamation business. Beams provide a beautiful focal point inside or outside the home. Pictured below are some examples of the unique and interesting types of reclaimed pine beams that can be found in our inventory. 
Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Beams
(L-R) 1. Original patina that was kept. Found in a New Jersey building with a Louisiana lumber stamp 2. & 3. Fresh sawn and sand-blasted 4. With light sand-blasting to maintain the natural patina that only comes with time 5. Light original paint that adds a rustric feel to any project 6. A beam with a mysterious story, bearing a slogan “King of the Highwire Charilla Speller” 7. Corbel (support feature)

For more information about beams, click here or come see them for yourself at the Albany Woodworks’ showroom!

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