Historic Renovations Expertise Provided By Albany Woodworks

Albany Woodworks Brings 37 years Of Expertise To New Orleans Homebuyer Fair With Focus On Historic Renovation.

Preservation Resource Center Sellabration Event

Albany Woodworks attended the Sellabration event in New Orleans focusing on Historic Renovations for homebuyers in the metro area. The event was organized by the Preservation Resource Center. The Preservation Resource Center in New Orleans has been focused on preserving the historic building of New Orleans since 1974 through historic renovations. Annually, they host the Sellabration event, an annual homebuyer fair that promotes homeownership in New Orleans neighborhoods by providing prospective homebuyers with the tools they need to find, purchase and renovate a home. Attendees could hear a variety of guest speakers, participate in workshops and classes, and receive information on buying and restoring a historic home.  Albany Woodworks was there to answer question and offer guidance on restoring historic homes with our Antique Heart Pine and Cypress.  Our reputation as a choice supplier for historic renovations made us the perfect resource. We are very often able to match the existing wood element of a home with reclaimed woods from the time period in projects all over the South East United States.
President of Albany Woodworks Historic Renovations Event

Albany Woodworks CEO Richard Woods (above) takes in some of the models and lithographic evidence of historic New Orleans architecture, which the PRC hopes to preserve.
President of Albany Woodworks Historic Renovations Event

Richard networking in front of our Booth at the Sellabration.  After 37 years in the business, he is a homeowner’s best resource as they move through the building process.

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