Bayou Boards™- 1,000 Year Old Cypress Grilling Boards

Find out the best way to use Bayou Boards™ on the grill this weekend!

Bayou Boards™ Cypress Grilling Boards

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The Official Bayou Boards™ How-To-Video, also available on Youtube.
Our new online store features 100% Antique Heart Pine and Cypress hand-crafted Louisiana-made products. including our grill-friendly 100% Antique Cypress Bayou Boards.   

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(Transcript of video starring President of Albany Woodworks, Richard Woods):

Bayou Boards™ from Albany Woodworks, thousand year old sinker cypress is the best way to grill your fish. You take it out of the package, put it in the water for 4-5 hours and then watch what happens.

The board is soaked with water so it will steam the fish from underneath. So it protects the fish from the direct heat of the coals and steams it. This is a wonderful way to cook the fish. You also have lots of other room to cook other vegetables, which I usually do. As you will see the board is still just sitting there perfect, and look at this how it is starting to cook all the way through. See how the fat is starting to cook up. When we start getting cracks in here, in about another 3-7 minutes, then we will know we are done. But it is cooking evenly, you are not burning the tail. It just works great and keeps moisture in.

We are about to take the herbs you saw in our garden and apply them to the fish. This is rosemary and you can smell the oils being released.

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