Antique Cypress Adirondack Chairs that are Built to Last

Albany Woodworks built cypress Adirondack chairs as part of first product line.

Cypress Adirondack Chairs

Cypress Adirondack Chairs were the first item from Albany Woodworks’ catalog! Its clean lines and natural weather-proof Antique Cypress construction make it a classic. A chair currently sits at our facility, in great shape after 30+ years.  

Albany Woodworks’ President Richard Woods chose the Adirondack chair design because of its sturdy design structure and its historic, classic look. The Adirondack chair was first designed in 1903 by Thomas Lee. Funnily enough, the quintessential Southern chair was designed in New York after Mr. Lee decided he wanted a comfortable chair for his vacation home in the Adirondack mountains.  It was originally called a plank chair,  due to the chair materials being cut from one plank. The slanted back and seat was a necessity to balance the sitter in the mountainous terrain. They became incredibly popular in the Adirondack mountains.  #builttolast #antiqueheartcypress #louisianacraftsmen

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