Albany Woodworks CEO Reprises Louisiana Life Photograph 20 Years Later

Louisiana Life Magazine Photo Albany Woodworks
After recreating this photo of Albany Woodworks President Richard Woods from 20 years ago, it appears it’s more than our Antique Lumber that ages well.  The original photo appeared in Louisiana Life Magazines’ article “Bringing Cypress to Its Knees” in the Spring 1994 edition.  Quoted as stating “It (Antique cypress and heart pine) is harder to work with… but it’s all worth it, because you get a far more superior product.” Woods still stands behind his claim after specializing in Antique Heart Pine and Antique Cypress for nearly 30 years of business. Woods has since developed a preceding reputation for Albany Woodworks of quality, craftsmanship and fair business dealings that follows him all over the U.S. #foreveryoung
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