Albany Woodworks News & Events Blog- 1,000 Page Views

Caption: “1,000 page views already?  Quick!  How does my hair look?  Fun Fact: The Louisiana Nutria’s orange teeth are strengthened by a naturally produced iron-based enamel that turns them this bright color.”

Thank you Albany News & Events Blog viewers!  Your diligent pursuit of all things Southern has led you to our humidified and history-infused pages.  We would like to take a moment to mark some milestones and celebrate you, our viewers!

Albany News & Events Blog is currently 90 posts strong, with an amazing 1,006 page views and counting!  We would like to note our diverse international viewership which includes: United States, France, China, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Moldova, Poland, and Singapore.  Stay tuned for more amazing true stories From The Heart Of The South!

Questions, comments, or story submissions – we would love to hear from you!

Are you an Albany Woodworks customer with a great story to tell? Have questions about your home or commercial building project?  Working on ideas for green energy or sustainable products?  Or like what you see on our site?  Over 37 years ago we began our business with the idea that offering quality “green” building materials at a great price makes for happy customers – we haven’t been wrong yet.

Part of that is hearing from you and what we can do to make your life even better!  That is why we offer sustainable, renewable, toxin-free products which make for a safer environment at work and home.

Albany Woodworks’ helpful staff offers a wealth of experience in: home construction, remodeling, commercial interiors, and historic renovations.  They have the know-how to walk you through your project – large or small. We supply the best 100% Antique Lumber in the business, and we love to talk about it!

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