Engineered Flooring with Reclaimed Roots

Find out about Albany Woodworks’ new, affordable Engineered Flooring and how they are maintaining their reclaimed roots.

Reclaimed Engineered Flooring

If you would have asked President of Albany Woodworks, Richard Woods, if one day he would be selling custom made reclaimed engineered flooring, the answer would have been no! “Back then, engineered products had a bad name. They were considered cheap and not well made.” stated Richard. “Recently, people have been using flooring for different applications like walls and ceilings. I knew that the market was moving away from traditional solid, custom floors.”

Barnwood_Oak_Reclaimed Engineered Oak

Richard saw an opportunity to create an affordable, ecosmart engineered flooring using the reclaimed, antique woods he has been selling for nearly four decades. He sought out a company that had the ability to take his flooring and convert it into an engineered product. But it couldn’t be ANY engineered floor. “It had to be the best of the best,” said Richard, “to maintain the reputation that I have earned since I started in 1976 as a straight shooting, quality focused business man. People know that when they order from Albany Woodworks they are going get a guarantee of quality.”

Sustainable Quality

He set up shop with a company that provided him with top of the line, sustainable Baltic Birch plywood backing. The backing creates long lasting stability and durability for the Albany Woodworks’ engineered line. “Another engineered myth we had to overcome was the lack of wear surface,” stated Richard. So, he opted for a 4 mil wear surface to ensure that customers could refinish their floors several times, whether it be to change with the trends or after 20 years of wear and tear.

reclaimed pine flooring
To make it as environmentally friendly as possible, the reclaimed wood is adhered to the backing with a low VOC glue. This means the glue is non-toxic and healthy for family and pets. “The goal was an eco-friendly product that was affordable and a long lasting value for the next generation of home builders. That is why all of our current flooring collections come as engineered with a range of costs. This allows me to ensure we can offer everyone a product for their dream home.”

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