A Look at the Amazing Woodwork in the Brevard House in New Orleans

Many may know this home as the Anne Rice mansion. Located on First St in the Garden District of New Orleans, the Brevard House is a historic landmark among the grand homes of this area. Completed in 1850 by Albert Brevard, the home is built as a mix of the Greek Revival and Italianate styles. It wows all with its columns, intriguing  windows with wooden, louvered shutters and sprawling porches.

Brevard House aka Anne Rice Mansion New Orleans

Historic and Traditional Interior

The extravagant custom mill work inside is where the home really shows off its luxurious origins.

Anne Rice Mansion Custom Millwork New Orleans

The home is full of floor to ceiling, custom wood encased windows giving the owners plenty of natural light and beautiful views of the gardens. The giant custom, solid wood pocket doors create an elegant transition between rooms.

Anne Rice Mansion Custom Millwork New Orleans

The original wood flooring throughout the home highlights the popularity and abundance of huge, ancient trees that built cities like New Orleans. The custom mill-work continues to shine through this sitting room. The room includes custom wide width baseboards, lavish wooden mantle and custom windows.

Anne Rice Mansion Custom Millwork Kitchen New Orleans

The kitchen has clearly received some updating, it would seem as if the original uniform width antique flooring was kept along with the stained glass windows and solid wood doors.

With all its old world beauty, we can see why Anne Rice was enchanted by this property. She even went as far as making it the setting of her book “The Witching Hour”. Finding quality custom mill work in new homes is hard.  That is why it is so important to preserve and appreciate these grand examples of Southern History.

photos from www.curbed.com

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