Before and After: Sinker Cypress Transforms into Stunning Home Accents

At the bottom of rivers and lakes throughout the South lay a hidden treasure from a past era of industry, giant logs of sinker cypress. When logging ruled the Southern United States, rivers were the primary source of transportation for the giant logs that were cut from the abundant forests of states like Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. As these logs were transported, some would come loose and sink to the bottom of these brackish rivers. There they lay in wait, cypress trees from the 1800’s being perfectly preserved due to their natural rot resistance and giving truth to its nickname “Wood Eternal”.

Before view of sinker cypress:

Sinker cypress logs

Sinker cypress logs pulled from the bottom of a river in Louisiana.

In the 70’s, there was a resurgence of interest in antique woods. This was due to old factories and buildings being torn down. Albany Woodworks, one of the first reclaimed flooring businesses in the US, began reclaiming wood. Some of their first sources were from old buildings and logs found on the bottom of the rivers and lakes. The outside of these logs may look crusty and grey. However, cut one inch inside and a wonderland of color and charm is revealed (pictured below).

After cutting, sanding and installing sinker cypress:

sinker cypress panels bathroom

Cypress is the ideal material for exterior applications like shutters, wall paneling, ceiling paneling and doors! To find out more, click here.

sinker cypress paneling

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