The Many Faces of Dirty Top Pine

Some of you may be asking what is dirty top pine? When people talk about dirty top pine, what they are referring to is the original surface that has been created over time. It basically means pine that is rich in color that comes from two hundred years of original patina.

Dirty top pine is a hugely popular choice when it comes to home remodeling or building new, and we know why! It’s rustic beauty fits in a multitude of room styles and applications. 

Pine Wood Flooring

Time not gives this rustic wood flooring its color and beauty but also its hardiness. Whether you are looking for a rustic wide plank flooring or engineered wood flooring, dirty top pine delivers charm and durability. Cut from the original forest of the U.S., these hand hewn pine timbers sat as the framework of industrial and residential buildings across the country. During this time, the solid wood beams were stabilizing by being exposed to various conditions. This means that when it is manufactured into flooring, reclaimed wood is sturdier and hardier than new wood. 

In the name of history, our founder developed a grade specific for dirty top pine lovers called the Orleans Collection. We salvage old pine beams and manufacture them into flooring products. We are careful to keep the outside of the beam intact as we cut the beam down. This original surface board becomes our Orleans Collection. It offers the perfect amount of rustic charm to any room in the house from bathroom to kitchen flooring to living room flooring

Rustic Wood Accent Wall

Adding a wood accent wall to any room is the perfect DIY upgrade. From ship lap to rustic wood paneling, the choices to match any home are endless. (Pictured Left) The homeowner of this project opted to add dirty top pine as wood wall panels in the bathroom tub surround. The results are stunning, mixing clean lines with rustic wood panels. 

Reclaimed wood accent walls can offer a variety of looks and textures. They can include nail holes, various grain patterns, uneven surface, surface notches and checking. A homeowner can opt for a clean surface with no nail holes or surface notches but have an interesting wood grain or they can get a more raw surface with lots of character.  Great for accentuating fireplaces, fireplace mantels, kitchens, bedrooms, really any room of the house that you want to add a pop of interest. 

An Unusual Kitchen Counter Twist

Kitchen island counter tops or all your kitchen counter tops are a fun place to incorporate dirty top pine! Especially if you have opted for this as your reclaimed wood flooring, tying the project together with this kitchen addition is always a winning idea. 

Kitchen Island Dirty Top Pine

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