Which is better for my home: engineered vs solid wood flooring PT 2

Solid Wood Flooring Benefits

In the last blog, the benefits of engineered flooring and the best applications in a home for this type of product. To read those benefits, click here. Solid wood flooring is also an excellent choice for a home. Solid wood flooring comes in two forms 1) nail down application with tongue and groove sides and 2) glue down application. This type of flooring offers a great wear surface, allowing a home owner to refinish the floors through the lifetime of the house.

Ideal Uses

Solid wood flooring open plan Open Floor Plan: Solid wood flooring comes in lengths as long as 16 feet. Engineered flooring typically maxes out at 8 feet. These long lengths means that it a great choice for an open floor plan. It will provide beautiful continuity for a home.



solid wood flooring

Customized Appearance: Are you a trendsetter and therefore want your home to have the same customized appearance? The ample wear space of solid wood flooring allows you to refinish your floors and change the look completely to keep up with the times.



Exterior Applications: Solid wood siding is the best choice for long lasting, beautiful protection from your home. A variety of wood species can be used including pine and cypress.



Versatile Installation: Solid wood flooring can be installed on any type of sub-floor. Glue down flooring can be installed on concrete and the nail down can be installed on plank and plywood sub-floors. This ensures that your home has a stable wood flooring choice that will last a lifetime.


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