Restoring the History of Louisiana

Louisiana State Capitol


One of the most infamous buildings of Louisiana is the whimsical Old Baton Rouge State Capitol. Built in the mid 19th century, the architects constructed it to look and function as a castle. This earned it the nickname “Castle of Baton Rouge” or “Louisiana Castle”. It acted as a functioning government building until 1932 when a new state building was erected. The Castle of Baton Rouge lay empty for decades until other plans were made. It would be given new life as a Museum highlighting the history of Louisiana politics. In the 1990’s, the first major renovation took place, restoring the building back to the glory of its heyday. It was successfully reopened as the Museum and an Event Venue in 1994.

Restoring the Past

Old Baton Rouge State Capitol Renovation

For the past few years, the historic building has been undergoing minor renovations to maintain its grandeur. Albany Woodworks has had the privilege of playing an important role in these renovations. The State Capitol organization was looking for true to the period flooring. Albany Woodworks was able to supply Antique Heart Pine flooring. Choosing the correct product and supplier is incredibly important when matching historic flooring. This ensures that the integrity of the building remains intact.  So it’s stories of war, tragic fires, bold leadership, and the occasional fist fight remain for generations of the future.

Senate Chamber baton rouge

In 2014, the Senate Chambers flooring was replaced with the best of the best in antique heart pine flooring. Known as the Prestige Collection, this beautiful flooring is clear of any knots or nail holes with tight vertical grain that can only be found in the heart of a tree.

historic restoration baton rouge

2017 brought another opportunity to help preserve this monumental building. The House Chambers is a key piece of history in the Old State Capitol. This is where decisions like Louisiana seceding from the Union during the Civil War took place. The flooring needed maintenance. Once again, Albany Woodworks worked closely with the team completing the renovations to make sure the history of the building remained intact. The project was successfully completed. It reopened to the public to continue telling the intriguing history of Louisiana politics.

historic renovation baton rouge


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