When Custom Doors are the Best Option

Anything with the word custom in front of it suddenly becomes a daunting project. It leaves people thinking it is going to be extremely expensive and hard to complete. What many people do not know is when custom doors are more beneficial than trying to use conventional doors. Here are a couple of scenarios where a custom door can make your life easier!

Custom Cypress DoorCustom Doors Offer Unique Looks

If you are a homeowner that really wants to amp up curb appeal, a custom door is the answer! It allows you to stand out above the rest in whatever style you desire, especially if you are taking the time to build a custom home.  (Pictured left) These homeowners were inspired by Spanish architecture and designed this door. The door is modeled after the Spanish Calvary Barracks in San Miguel Allende, Mexico.



Custom Doors- Made to Fit the Space

custom doors historic home


If you purchase a historic home, you may find that there are very different door dimension than what is considered normal in today’s standards. Back then, the grander things were the better. So going to a box store to find a replacement would not work. Custom made wood doors will allow you to design the door to the space. This is helpful on interior and exterior doors. Not to mention you can maintain the look of your historic home by insuring the door has similar features to homes of the time.



Find the Right Fit

Finding a business that has the expertise, patience and know-how to make your custom door dreams come true is very important. This aspect can really make or break the custom project process. Look for one with a specialty in custom mill work and a lot of previous projects in case you need additional inspiration! Just a note, an experienced company will quote you on the project and not just give you blanket pricing. This ensures you don’t have a higher cost at the end of the project.


  • I’ve been looking to add a custom door to my home to give it a more modern look, the front of my house looks up to date although my current door definitely takes away from the look I’m aiming for. It’s great that you mentioned that the right door will make me stand out as well as be able to fit the custom look that I’m going for. I think I might need to get a door that has a faded glass look that can bring out the full look of my home.

    August 10, 2017
  • I just added this blog to my rss reader, great stuff. Can not get enough!

    September 30, 2017

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