reclaimed exposed beams

Oregon winery uses reclaimed wood to create rustic perfection.

Medford Oregon Winery and VineyardThe 2Hawk Vineyard and Winery serenely sits between Medford and the mountains of Oregon. The 23.5 acre vineyard and winery got its name from the two resident hawks that live on the back side of the property. When you arrive at the winery, the rustic scenery draws you in with its beauty. As you make your way into the winery tasting room, the beauty and rusticity of the reclaimed building materials match the allure of its surroundings.

The owners of the vineyard were very concerned with building and maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly business. From using natural pest control methods to ensuring their tasting room was built out of reclaimed wood and local products, the owners efforts make them true stewards of the environment.





Reclaimed Wood Origins

Wood Flooring and Walls

Upon entering the tasting room, the eye of the visitor is immediately drawn to the reclaimed wood flooring, pulled from an old Lithia Motors building in downtown Medford. The aged Douglas fir was re-manufactured and installed throughout the tasting room. It is beautifully paired with natural stone walls. All the stone was taken from the fields where the vineyard currently stands. The goal of using the stones was to create a cosy, cottage-like feel in the tasting room.





Rustic Patio Perfection

rustic reclaimed wood ceiling and wood panelingFor the exterior space, long leaf pine beams were reclaimed from a brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The brewery was built in 1867. Long leaf pine was the premiere timber choice during the brewery’s time of construction. The siding used came from a wooden granary from Northeastern California. The granary was built out of local pine trees in the 1930’s. The wooden siding looks very similar to barnwood oak that is very on trend at the moment. The tables and chairs on the patio and throughout the tasting room are made from reclaimed wine barrels.







Interior Beams and Ceiling

reclaimed exposed beams

Last but not least, the stars of the tasting room are the hand hewn exposed beams and wooden ceiling. The interior beams are from a barn that once stood in Pennsylvania. Common to the New England region, they are a combination of Hickory and Oak. Historical fun fact: the barn was built by a civil war general that was an ancestor of former First Lady, Barbara Bush.

Treclaimed wood ceiling he soaring reclaimed wood ceiling, flooded with gorgeous fall sunlight, is known as mushroom board. Once again, the owners ventured to Pennsylvania in search of reclaimed products. Mushroom board is hemlock wood that is used on the bottom of mushroom growing trays. The growing process slowly erodes the soft grain in the wood and created a warm, rich patina. Similar to mushroom board, certain reclaimed, textured alternatives could have been used such as dirty top pine and barn wood oak.

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