Remodeled Antique Sinker Cypress Kitchen

From Flooded to Fabulous: A Remodel Done Right

A home remodel can seem like a big job, especially after something tragic like a flood. However, it can also highlight why choosing quality products can make a huge difference. The owners of Albany Woodworks, Richard and Judith Woods, experienced this when a freak rainstorm caused unprecedented flooding from Baton Rouge to New Orleans in 2016. The Woods family rolled up their sleeves and got to work to take their home from flooded to fabulous with a remodel.  As they went through and inspected what could be salvaged, they were amazed that all the windows, doors, paneling and columns that were out of cypress were salvageable. The antique heart pine floors were in the same boat. They all only needed to be re-finished. This only reinforced why the Woods’ believe in using and selling these amazing products.

The Kitchen Remodel

The heart and soul of a home. The kitchen definitely felt the effects of the flooding. They went right to work gutting the home to ensure that mold didn’t set in. Deciding to take advantage of a blank slate, the Woods decided to get new cabinets since the previous ones had lasted them 30+ years. The old sinker cypress cabinets were still in good shape but they decided they wanted a more modern, updated feel.

The end result was stunning. They chose sinker cypress once again for their cabinets since it held up so well despite being submerged in 6 ft of water. They were able to reuse their reclaimed slate counter tops. The slate came from black boards taken out of turn of the century schoolhouses. Stainless steel appliances added the perfect updated, modern look. The natural feel of the wood and the industrial feel of the stainless steel was all married together by the ideal back splash with hints of organic texture and brushed steel.

Modern Kitchen Remodel

The Sitting Room Remodel

Sitting Area RemodelAnother opportunity to do some rearranging, the once dining room was now being refashioned into a sitting area. They began drying the floor and sub-floor out so that it could be re-finished. After all the sheet rock was removed, the floors dried and furniture taken out, they began piecing it back together with a different purpose.



Once again, the results did not disappoint. Going with a mid century modern decor, the original dining room beautifully converted to a sitting room. The cypress windows and ceiling and heart pine floor are all original.

The Living Room / Dining Room Remodel

Living room remodelThe living room was in rough shape. Similar to the other rooms of the house, the pine floors were able to be dried. This meant they could be salvaged. The plan for this room was to make it a dining and living room.




The design concept worked out perfectly for this remodel. With the TV area to left (behind the column) and dining room area straight ahead, it was a great re-design idea. The floors were refinished and revitalized back to their original beauty. Fun Fact: the dining room table and hutch were both saved since they were built out of cypress.  




  • Tina Gautreau

    These floors are beautiful. If you have a slab do you put down a moisture barrier before installing?

    December 3, 2017

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