Why Reclaimed Oak Flooring is the Must Have Look This Year

On Trend: Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Reclaimed oak has quickly become the new must-have flooring choice of the year and we know why! It can offer a variety of looks for any home from rustic and beautiful Barnwood Collection Oak Flooring (pictured above) to refined. It is more than its good looks that makes oak flooring a great choice for any home remodel or new home.


1. Extremely durable, Oak Flooring is Pet-friendly

Our resident good boy Cooper is pictured above relaxing on our beautifully rustic Barnwood Colllection. Oak is a very dense wood which means it is great for high traffic areas of the home. Have a beloved family pet that wrecks havoc on your carpet? Wood flooring, particularly Reclaimed Oak, is a great choice!

Oak ranks 1290 on the Janka Scale, the industry standard that tests the hardness of various woods. So not only will it hold up to many years of pet-related wear-and-tear, it is also very easy to clean and doesn’t trap pet hair and dander the way carpet will.

Why choose reclaimed? Slow-aging the wood only improves its durability bringing its Janka score up to 1360. So reclaimed oak is a good choice for a lifetime of enjoyment for your flooring. 

2. Ideal for Remodeling Older Homes

Wood accent walls are a timeless tradition to add character to your home remodel. As shown above, our Silvan Collection Antique Heart Pine was milled to make an easy to install accent wall. Paired with our rustic Barnwood Collection engineered reclaimed oak flooring this look updates this dining area nicely.

Dreaming of a rustic barnwood wall in your home? Oak is also a great choice as a wall or ceiling application if you use an engineered product. Trying to decide if engineered is right for you? Click here for more information on engineered floors.

3. Aesthetically Appealing a Balance of Form and Function

Oak is famous for its gorgeous grain pattern which look beautiful in a variety of stains and styles. If you want a rich color, reclaimed oak has time on its side. The aged patina of reclaimed flooring cannot be beat. If you want a more modern trend, choose a gray, white or “greige” wash to create the perfect farm house style. Whatever you choose for your style will look high quality with reclaimed oak as its canvas


Hardwood Oak Flooring Kitchen

Timeless and On-trend Reclaimed Oak is Here to Stay

True to all trends, they come in cycles. Oak flooring was popular from the 30’s to the 50’s so if you are remodeling an older home from this time period, reclaimed oak is the perfect choice for you!

It can be modernized by installing wider widths but still true to the times by using the same building materials popular during this decade. But be on the look out because random widths is on trend for 2020.



    we’re working on remodeling our home. We’ve removed all carpet and want to go back with wood floors. Reclaimed wood sounds very interesting. The living room, dining room and loft have oak flooring. Would like to use oak as our bedroom flooring.

    February 15, 2018

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