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The Best Way to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Shiny and New!

A common question that comes with hardwood floors is “How do I keep my wood floors clean and well maintained?”. With over forty years of experience in the wood flooring business, we know a little something about floors from type to color to keeping them as beautiful as the first day they were installed! 

1. When possible, leave your shoes at the door. 

Shoes track in sand and dirt from the outdoors. Help keep your floors from getting scratched and dirty by leaving the dirt at the door. 



reclaimed oak flooring2. Vacuum or sweep your floors weekly. 

Especially if you have kids and or pets, weekly maintenance will help keep the finish on your floor happy and shiny. Note: if you are vacuuming, make sure you have setting on your vacuum for hardwood floors to prevent any unnecessary damage to your wood floors. 



3. Rugs in high traffic areas. 

By strategically placing rugs in high traffic areas of the house, you ensure that your floor will be well maintained. High traffic areas like hallways can often suffer damage to the finish from dirt and wear. Rugs will make sure your floors stay in tip top shape. 



Hardwood Floor Mop4. Mop hardwood floors the right way.

Hardwood floors are happiest when they are damp mopped. Leaving standing water on hardwood floors can cause water damage over time. Choosing a cleaner that is specifically for hardwood floors is your best choice. It is also ideal to use a machine washable,microfiber pad for dusting and cleaning. It attracts dirt and common household allergens without the chance of scratching the floor. 


Follow this advice and you are sure to keep your gorgeous hardwood floors shiny and new! Trying to decide what kind of flooring is right for you? Check out the following blogs:  

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