Custom Stairs are on the Rise!

Custom Stairs are on the Rise!

custom heart pine stairs

Making a case for custom stairs

Hardwood floors, in every style from rustic to modern, are consistently a trend in homes across the nation. However, an often overlooked addition that can transform your space is matching stairs. Whether you are completing a home addition or a new home construction, adding custom stair parts to your project is sure to add the wow factor every room needs. 

Stairs for outside or inside

Custom stairs are not just for inside the house. They make a beautiful addition to exterior spaces. The key to outside stairs is using the right material! Cypress is the optimal wood choice for exterior stairs. This is due to its natural rot resistance. By using cypress in your home, you join the ranks of renowned architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and A. Hays Town, who have designed numerous projects to showcase this exotic and enduring material.     






What to know to order matching stair parts

So it is your first time building or remodeling and all the learning curves start to add up! Learning the new lingo of the construction world can seem like a huge task and it is different with each part of the project. However, by choosing the right company that makes an effort to connect with you in no-nonsense language is the way to go! Some important key words to know when ordering stairs: 

Riser Step: the vertical pieces on the stairs that create the height of the stair case. The height of each step is called the rise. 

Stair Treads: refer to the horizontal pieces that form the stairs. Think of them as the part you “tread” or step onto as you climb the stairs.

Starter Tread: the first tread starting the stair case.

Nosing: the front or side protruding edge of a stair tread or step where most foot traffic frequently occurs. 

Balusters aka Spindles: The upright posts in the space under the handrail to the treads or floor or on the side of a landing. 

Banister: the structure formed by uprights and a handrail at the side of a staircase

Landing: A flat area in the run of a stairway which is usually larger than a single stair tread. A landing area is sometimes used to make a change in the direction of the stairway. 

Winders: A pie shaped stair tread specially made for making a turn in the direction of the stair way. 

Now that you are an expert on key terms for ordering stairs, check out our blog on the process of adding stairs to your project. 


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