What is Dade County Pine?

If you have every worked in the Florida housing market, then you are well acquainted with the high demand historic wood called Dade County Pine. From St Augustine to Key West to Tampa, the likes of home owners, real estate agents and home builders are in search of this coveted antique heart pine. However, to the rest of the world, you may be wondering why it is such a valuable wood type for Floridians.

A native Florida tree, the name is misleading, implying that it is specifically from Dade County in Florida. However, Dade County Pine is native to South Florida and the Keys but was harvested as far north as the shores of Georgia and Alabama. Dade County Pine is a subspecies of Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine and comes from the “heart” of the tree aka heart pine. Some know it as Dade County Slash Pine. It is a high demand construction material because it is strong, dense, and highly resistant to decay and insect damage. 

The Wood of Historic Florida

Bonnet House Dade County Pine

The Bonnet House Dining Room from bonnethouse.org

It was a common building material for Florida homes in the 1800s. Most of the well know Florida historic sites are built and furnished with Dade County Pine. It is not uncommon to find historic buildings filled with antique Dade County Pine flooring, beams, mill work etc. The Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale is a perfect example. Built with all local materials, including dade county pine wall paneling and ceiling, this picturesque home displays this antique woods’ beauty.



Key West Lighthouse

Key West Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters- expedia.com

Another beautiful example is the Historic Key West lighthouse and keeper’s quarters located near the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum. One of our own projects, the Key West Lighthouse, built in 1825, was in need of repair. As in most historic restorations, quality is incredibly important. The results were seamless. It is nearly impossible to tell where the original wood ends and the restoration work begins. 

Since the old growth trees have all been harvested, it is an incredibly high demand material. It comes from the “heart” of the tree and was a favored construction material wood. This was due to it being a strong, dense wood that is highly resistant to decay and insect damage. 


Providing Florida with Dade County Pine since 1976. To purchase Dade County Pine for your project, give us a call (225) 567-1155.



Dade County Pine Florida Home Historic

Supplying Dade County Pine Quality

Albany Woodworks has established itself as a heavy hitter in the historic ring. Founded on history, quality and craftsmanship in 1976, it has provided Dade County Pine quality products to multiple historic restorations in Florida, including the Key West Lighthouse, the Southside Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, and the Hemingway House in Key West. Albany Woodworks ensures that the antique pine flooring matches the existing quality of existing historic homes or buildings.  

Historic Renovation Fort Lauderdale Florida


  • LizSchanker

    I am considering purchasing a home in Key West. It is filled with painted dade pine walls and ceilings. Ideally I’d like to refinish and expose some of those walls/celilings and I am trying to figure out how costly that is and wondering if that is something you do? Or can you refer me to someone who does?

    January 21, 2021
  • Liz Sherman

    Hi. I’m selling a home with about 1500 Sq ft of heart pine flooring in great shape . Located in Historic district , Vero Beach FL.
    Home built in 1925 .

    July 28, 2021
    • justin

      can you provide info? Pics? I am very interested and I am a designer and general contractor in Ft Myers Beach and I am looking in Vero for a home for myself actually. I am currently working existng heart pine into 2 projects and came across you looking for fascia ideas to match t+g overhangs. LOL. but you have my attention and I’d love to see and know more.
      Appreciative Regards,
      Justin Busby, CGC

      October 29, 2023
  • Liz Sherman

    Hi. I’m selling a home with about 1500 Sq ft of heart pine flooring in great shape . Located in Historic district , Vero Beach FL.
    Home built in 1925 .

    July 28, 2021

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