Choosing the Right Wood Type for Your Project!

Best wood types for home projects

What design do I want? Who do I hire? When do I start? There are so many decisions to make when it comes to home projects like remodels, exterior upgrades or construction, whether its residential or commercial. One decision that is often overlooked is “Am I choosing the right wood type for my project?”. If you are planning on adding wood to your design, indoor or outdoor, making sure you choose the optimal wood type. This means a wood that can handle the stress of the weather or wear and tear of the home, making the difference between a home project success or disaster. 

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Why is this important? Choosing an unsuitable wood type can mean quick deterioration of an item that was originally meant to last a decade or more. For example, adding wood floors to your home? You would not want to use a wood like cypress. Cypress is fantastic for outdoor use due to its natural rot resistance. However, it is not a hard enough wood to withstand the wear that flooring sees from constant use. You would end up with a floor that is full of scratches, dents, and other signs of decay that you would not experience with harder wood types such as reclaimed oak and reclaimed pine. The following guide outlines the ideal uses for various types of wood commonly used. 

Wood Type Reference


Now you may ask, how are you suppose to know what wood type works for what project? Choosing a reputable company to guide you on your decision making when you order is very important. You want company that wants your project to be as successful as if it were their own. Albany Woodworks has been guiding customers to a lifetime of happiness from their high quality products since 1976. Every product purchased from us comes with our guarantee of quality and satisfaction. For more information, visit our website

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