Green Building 101: Choosing LEED-Friendly products.

Whether you are building residential or commercial, green building is no longer just a trend but a necessity. With the growing focus on product effect on the environment, choosing LEED-friendly products when possible makes all the difference. LEED-friendly building materials mean energy efficiency, a healthier environment, and higher resale value.

LEED Features: 

When deciding on LEED-friendly building materials, here are some features to be considered. 

Recycled Materials – Selecting products from flooring to windows to doors that are recycled means reducing pollution from cutting down new wood. It also means saving landfill space since these usable materials that once would be considered waste become a high quality product. Albany Woodworks offers a wide range recycled wood products



Low VOC –  If you are trying to achieve LEED certification, then choosing materials with low VOC is imperative. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are compounds that easily become vapors or gases. They can be found in products such as glues, adhesives, paints, building materials and wood preservatives. Albany Woodworks offers reclaimed engineered wood flooring, made with a low VOC wood adhesive. This means providing a healthier environment for those using the finished project. Additionally, the engineered flooring is constructed with sustainable sourced plywood backing and reclaimed wood veneer. 


custom moldings window casingEnergy Efficiency –  Choosing products like windows, HVAC, roofing materials, insulation that will increase energy efficiency puts money in your pocket through utility cost savings. Green projects including energy efficient items also provide a higher resale value and sell faster than their conventional counterparts. LEED friendly is great for the environment and pocket book friendly in the long run. 





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