A Complete Kitchen Makeover with One Product!

Home is where the heart is and for most families that means spending time together in the kitchen. Since it is such a key room in the house, it is important to get a new look as fast as possible. For an on-trend makeover, here is how one product can be used in multiple ways. The Artisan Collection from Albany Woodworks is an engineered pine flooring. Don’t miss our special pricing on this product for a limited time! 

Reclaimed wood accent wall Tennessee1.Wood Accent Wall:

In a kitchen, adding a wood accent wall or even wood counter tops are a fantastic choice.  When adding a wood accent wall, it is important to choose an engineered product. Since it is end matched, this will ensure an easy and cost-effective installation.  The Artisan Collection from Albany Woodworks, with its gorgeous character and warm brown tones, comes engineered. This means homeowners can install an easy and finished wood accent wall to spice up the kitchen with a new focal point.



kitchen floors

2. Kitchen Wood Floors:

Since the kitchen is the most used room in the house, it is important to pick the right wood flooring for your makeover. The Artisan Collection comes pre-finished in a European style hard oil finish in a subtle matte luster. Not only will look great, but it also hides the wear and tear that any kitchen floor receives.




wood ceiling3. Wood Ceiling:

Draw the eye up and wow your family and guests by adding a pine wood ceiling. Once again, the Artisan Collection proves to be the perfect fit. Its matte luster will allow the character of the wood to shine through. Allow this addition to take your kitchen from frumpy to fabulous.



Since 1976, Albany Woodworks has offered warm and personal customer service and a variety of reclaimed and specialty woods.  All with the convenience of one-stop-shopping and national shipping. Let our helpful experience take the worry out of the ordering process. We are happy to answer any questions about how our products will transform your space.

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