Reclaimed Love Story: Mike and Jennifer Bernard

We asked Mike and Jennifer Bernard to share their treasured moments of 18 years of marriage and an almost a combined 30 years of experience at Albany Woodworks. 

So, when did you two meet? 

Mike: “I was friends with her brother, and we used to play baseball together.  I was thirteen years old when I first met her and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  After that I would ride my bike over to her house everyday.  I knew right away that she was the one for me.” 

How did you two fall in love? 

Jennifer: “We were friends first and then it blossomed into love.”  Mike: “She fell for me when she heard my first music tape, and heard me singing on a 4-track vocal mix.  She asked me if that was me singing on the tape and then snatched me up.” 

How long have you two been together? 

Jennifer: “A million years … we met over twenty years ago and have been married for eighteen.” 

What brought you to Albany Woodworks? 

Mike: “I was young and looking for a job. My friends lived near the Albany Woodworks mill and told me about it. They called for me to see if y’all were hiring and you were! I showed up the same day and met Richard and he hired me that day. I was green and wet behind the ears and had to learn everything from scratch. It was hard work to learn it all but I really like all the skills I have gotten.” 

Jennifer: “Mike had worked for about three years and he told me I should come and apply for the secretary position. I came and interviewed and hit it off with Judith right away. I have been here ever since and that was 13 years ago!”

What do you like about working at Albany Woodworks?

Mike: “I like staying busy. There are lots of challenges everyday, but even when you are having a tough day, you can look out at the beautiful surroundings and it makes you feel better. I love running the Woodmizer saw and cutting up our 30 foot long beams. Its an important job and it’s a fun one.”

Jennifer: “I love talking with our customers, getting to know them and their project and helping them achieve the ideal look.  Working at Albany Woodworks is like working with family, since I have been here for 13 years.  My favorite part is getting to have lunch everyday with my Hubby.”

Why should customers come to Albany Woodworks?

Mike: “Because we have the best quality wood out there, I should know because I work with it every day. When we say reclaimed lumber, we mean it.”

Jennifer: “We have the best prices for the quality of wood that we provide. We are upfront and there is no question that it is great, the product speaks for itself.” 

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