Update Your Space: Walls, Ceilings, and Reclaimed Pine Beams

No matter how much you love your current space, every customer we talk to has a wish-list of updates in mind.  Embrace a current trend or incorporate some traditional design elements that will stand the test of time.  

If this describes your space and you are ready to remodel, you have come to the right place.  Our custom mill-shop is an excellent resource.  For home owners looking for an update and looking to receive expert advice on how to achieve their goals. 

Looking to remodel, here’s how to do it.  Our top three tips to maximize your design:

1. Walls 

The photo above is a beautiful example of how our Bistro Collection can really update a space and add to your interior appeal.  We can provide just the look you want in a variety of wood types and textures.  Just to name a few: reclaimed oak, antique cypress, and the vivid grain and texture of our Orleans Collection. 

Our Sylvan Collection reclaimed pine is another great option.  It can be stained any shade to match existing interior pieces.  Providing real wood character such as occasional knots or nail-holes.   Like what you see here?  Give us a call or visit our products page for more information. 

Albany Woodworks is a one-stop-shop for full wrap-around paneling or a dimensional art piece.  Since 1976 we have built a reputation for supplying beautiful architectural design elements. 

farmhouse kitchen

Wall Paneling is a Designer’s Dream

In the photo above, our Sylvan Collection has a clear semi-gloss finish and is paired with white painted wood trim on the windows, crown moldings and baseboards.  This give a crisp pop of color with clean lines is paired with a country-style picnic table which completes the look for this one-of-a-kind dining area.  

Living and dining areas are not the only spaces that can benefit from wood wall paneling, in-fact bathrooms are a very popular choice for a modern make-over with a touch of rustic charm. 



This bathroom make-over pictured above is sure to draw compliments for it’s effortless elegance.  The bathroom can be one of your guest first impressions of your home but it is often overlooked.  Make the most of the natural charm of our Orleans Collection with rustic pine paneling.   

On the list of rooms to remodel, a bathroom redo can be a challenge at times but can give you the best value down the road.  Giving the homeowner a daily dose of luxury, an updated bathroom is also a key selling point in most homes.  It can bring more for your asking price and curb-appeal when you are ready to put it on the market.  


2. Ceilings 

Equally as effective in updating or changing the look of a space is applying wood paneling to your ceiling.  In the above photo our antique reclaimed cypress is front-and-center.  It has a rich original patina and soft feathering of wood grain.  Here it is paired with our custom cypress doors and solid wood windows to match.   This bathroom is well designed and simply unforgettable.

Gone are the old days of dark stained dull wall and ceilings.  Because many of these existing spaces are closed in and gave an out-dated feel.  Modern design can incorporate the natural look so the luster of high quality reclaimed woods is on display.  Clear or lightly-stained is the new must-have style of finish.  Show off grain and stunning rustic character. 

Natural Style and Rustic Beauty

Choose reclaimed wood from Albany Woodworks for its dry and well-seasoned wood in a variety of looks and textures.  You can’t beat our quality of lumber because we reclaim our antique cypress from turn-of-the-century buildings.  So we hand-select every board for your order based on our time-tested standards for quality and beauty. 

3. Reclaimed Pine Beams

Reclaimed pine beams are a perfect pairing with wall or ceiling paneling.  Our virgin-timber pine beams are sturdy, durable, and  have stood the test of time.  We search the country for big beautiful beams in long lengths up to 30 feet.  The wood inside is of a quality that cannot be matched by today’s fresh-cut lumber.  

In the photo above, our reclaimed pine beams have been re-milled at our facility to be square and true with no twisting or warping.  Also shown is our vaulted cathedral-style ceiling paneling that makes for a stunning entrance.  


Design with Your Space in Mind

Any design begins with an idea and good quality materials.  Our reclaimed wood experts are here to guide you through the steps.  Making remodel projects come to life is our specialty.  So give us a call or stop by our showroom for a visit.

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