How to Install Sinker Cypress Exterior Siding?

What is Sinker Cypress?

Let us introduce you to the wonders of versatile Sinker Cypress. Sinker Cypress is a wood that is similar in origin to our Antique Heart Cypress.  Harvested from the original forest swamp lands of the Mississippi river valley along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.   If you are looking for where to buy Sinker Cypress there are a few details to consider before you buy reclaimed cypress wood. 

The photo below shows our old growth sinker cypress milled into paneling. Valued for centuries for its fine tight wood grain that can barely be counted, sinker cypress adds a soft coloration and elegance to any room in which its placed. 

Check with us on the style paneling you would like. We mill it all in flat face, v-groove, single and double bead for all the traditional looks.  If you are adding doors and windows to your order, let us know. 

We can match the look of your wall paneling with wood doors and windows made from the same materials.  Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll get a quote started for your project.

Sinker Cypress, beautiful and water resistant

Sinker Cypress is reclaimed virgin growth cypress that were lost during the frenzy of logging that lasted from the late 1800′ s until the last “great grandfather” trees fell in the mid 1920’s.  Sinker Cypress prices can vary so here is some helpful information to get you started on finding the best value for your project. 

You may have heard several names for cypress. Swamp cypress, Tidewater Red cypress, Louisiana cypress, or Gulf cypress.  Southern Cypress is also called Bald Cypress.  “Bald” because it has needle like leaves that are shed each winter.

Heart Cypress was an unusual tree that grew naturally in standing water, sending up cypress knees, specialized bark growths that stood above the water line to send oxygen to the underground roots.  The photo below shows cypress trees in the swamp in the winter when the water has receded so you can fully see their buttressed root system. 

cypress tree with knees and buttress shown

Why choose Sinker Cypress for Exterior Siding?

In home construction there are many wood siding types: shiplap, drop channel, board and batten, as well as tongue and groove to name a few.  There are even more choices when you consider what type of wood to use for your siding material.  You may also use natural stone or brick veneers for exterior walls.  While brick siding offers many positives, sinker cypress is a better choice for natural mildew resistance. 

Born in the swamp this slow growing original cypress tree is at home in the water.  The additional time after harvest it has been underwater along river bed give the characteristic of its coloring and natural water resistance.  This special feature is what sets Sinker Cypress apart from the classic Antique Heart Cypress with which you may already be familiar. 

Sinker Cypress is not only popular with homeowners, even the woodworking community and craftsmen customers rave about it’s beautiful coloration, it’s fine grain and it’s wonderful “workability”. They always return to replenish their supply.  


How to Install Sinker Cypress Exterior Siding?

Utilizing wood siding for the home is a tradition in the United States.  There are several ways to install exterior wood siding, and the most common in the Victorian era was wood lap siding.  This is similar to how wooden ships were built and give it the “shiplap” name. 

Modern vinyl siding gets its overlapping profile that has become so popular from the look of old wood shiplap siding. As you can see in the picture below, the cypress boards are placed in a way where the edges of the board overlap. 

Once you have a bare wood siding installed you may be tempted to contact your general contractor for a paint job.  When it comes to exterior paint it may be easy to clean but the upkeep costs may cause you to pause.  If you must cover the wood siding, we recommend a Behr premium plus ultra paint from Home Depot. 

We have provided sinker cypress lumber for several exterior house wood siding projects, and most often home owners use a light natural stain.  The best exterior house paint for wood siding in our opinion is Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT® Semi-solid Exterior Stain‎.  The key application tip for how to paint house exterior wood siding is to use an exterior stain that is easy to reapply and has some pigment which may last longer than a transparent or clear finish.

Sinker Cypress Modern Style


How about using ancient Sinker Cypress wood in a modern style home? We think it blends beautifully and so do the owners. They wanted to have a warm natural wood look throughout their home.

They chose a traditional theme and had already researched the fact that Cypress is a nationally revered wood that is cultivated and protected by a long line of particular families for centuries in Japan.  All the ancient temples were built exclusively from the Cypress forests and are carefully tended to this day.

This photo is of a house project whose owners love Sinker Cypress very nearly as much as we do. They were very particular and we appreciate that they expected quality wood and millwork and were able to successfully find that with our company.   What a warm quality it lends to the surroundings. 

We also supplied the entry door unit and custom wood windows. The flooring is our Prestige Collection Antique Heart Pine flooring adding to the perfection, if that’s possible.

Interested in using Louisiana cypress for your project?  We offer a wide selection of antique cypress and sinker cypress.  When you want real wood house siding, we’re the folks for you.  

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