New Jersey Pine Flooring Project

Home Tour: Amazing Spiral Heart Pine Stairway & Pine Floors

A happy customer shared behind the scenes photos of the installation of their heart pine stairway and reclaimed pine floors in their New Jersey home. We knew the project was going to be stunning but the results will take your breath away! 

Custom Reclaimed Pine Spiral Staircase


The homeowner chose this custom spiral stair designed by Greenbrook Stairs, Inc in New Jersey. Albany Woodworks supplied solid reclaimed heart pine stair treads to match the pine floors the customer had chosen for the project. This new home construction was brought to the next level of luxury with touches like this heart pine stairway.

The pine flooring and stair parts are sourced from the original structures that built the United States. Longleaf pine was a prevalent building material during the founding of the U.S. and during the industrial revolution. These original growth trees provided sturdy, large beams and flooring. And time has only enhanced its beauty and strength as a home building material for homes today. 


The view from above is beautiful but the view looking up toward the tall, cathedral ceilings, donned with a chandelier, is breathtaking. The stair case is complete with an elegantly curved heart pine handrail and wood spindles. The handrail frames the view perfectly.

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Heart Pine Spiral Stairs

Heart Pine Flooring Throughout For Seamless Transitions

Albany Woodworks’ Silvan Collection was chosen for the reclaimed pine flooring. Offering character, versatility and must-have grain patterns, antique pine flooring is the best way to go. The wood flooring came unfinished, giving the homeowner the benefit of having the flooring sanded and finished on site.

Choosing to continue the same heart pine throughout the home, from attic to ground floor, gives a flawless transition from one room to the next. Even here, where a tricky curved hallway was designed, the reclaimed heart pine floors continued on. As a result, the aesthetics of this rounded hallway are inspired. Making this more than a hallway, it is now a focal point, offering intrigue and a curiosity of “whats around the corner?”

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Taking Things To The Next Level With Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Wood Flooring

The project included a radiant floor heating system on the ground floor of the home. Choosing radiant heating systems makes a home more energy efficient since the heat if coming from the floor up. Heat naturally rises and efficiently heats the home along the way. Since the coils are evenly distributed throughout the floor, there are no cold spots. This means the home is heated evenly. 

Opting for underfloor heating also means you have complete design freedom. Space, that may have once been taken up by a radiator, is now free for whatever feature the homeowner wishes to add. 

Wood Flooring and Underfloor Heating

Wood flooring is a good match with this type of home heating. However, it is important to source your hardwood floors from a reputable company that can guarantee the moisture content of the wood. If wet wood is installed, the heat from below will cause the moisture to leave the wood and the wood planks to shrink. This results in gaps between your floor boards and every home owners nightmare. So low moisture content is key. The homeowners did not have to worry about shrinkage of the antique heart pine after installation. Part of the Albany Woodworks’ guarantee is 12% or less moisture content.

Another benefit of choosing antique (reclaimed) wood flooring is that time is on your side. The whole time that the lumber was sitting in the building as a beam, flooring, or other building material, it was stabilizing. It was adjusting slowly to atmosphere conditions and becoming more dense and durable. So if you have to choose between new and old pine, old pine flooring is a better choice overall but especially for radiant floor heating. 

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