Barnwood Oak: Best Engineered Flooring Applications

What is the best engineered flooring? Barnwood Oak flooring ranks top of the list. With it’s rugged durability and intriguing texture, it gives any flooring project an instant rustic charm. Most of us love the natural character and the renowned durability of Oak, but “Where can I buy barnwood?” is a common question we are asked. Within our 1200-square-foot showroom we cover the range of flooring from superb antique lumber to wood for wall panelings. And in 2020 the most popular choice by far has been the Barnwood Oak Collection.

What is barnwood and how is it reclaimed?


With rustic barnwood flooring the texture and original sawmarks win big points in the looks department. But what is Barnwood? Barnwood get it’s name from a type of wood that bears the look of time spent in the great outdoors.

Barns are a common sight in the countrysides and at the edges of major cities. The old red barn, it’s paint has aged a weathered gray. And beneath this painted surface is a wear-layer that is a golden-brown hue that is unmistakable as the color of slow-dried oak lumber. This is what gives Barnwood it’s name and look that is so distinctive in today’s lumber showrooms.

1) Old-world to modern, Barnwood Collection Oak Has You Covered

Using reclaimed Oak in rebuilding a home office or business, is a good choice. In our Barnwood Collection the color variations range from a golden beige to a warm chestnut brown. Old-world office designs achieve charm and grandeur with all the aged beauty that only old oak exposed to weather and time can give. Our Barnwood Collection flooring has a story to tell. It is the perfect look to give your project intrigue and rustic charm.

Modern design looks great with a textured wood floor. Natural grain patterns and a weathered surface showing a variety of color tones that are just right for floors, ceilings, and wall paneling. White Cabinets and wall paint open up the space and pair perfectly in this kitchen/dining area with a reclaimed wood floor.

2) Barnwood Oak is Kitchen-friendly Flooring

Barnwood Flooring for the Kitchen deserves an award for beauty, durability and rustic appeal. With a 4mil wear-surface this engineered flooring collection will stand the test of time. End-matched and easy to ship, engineered oak flooring takes the guess work out of installing a beautiful floor. A variety of stains pair well with this engineered wood flooring but a natural matte or semi-gloss clear stain is a great choice.

Barnwood boards are precision-milled and applied with a low-voc process to a backing of solid birch plywood. So it is easy to clean and safe for babies and pets. Rather than carpet which can trap food smells, and tile which can become a slippery surface with spills, the natural texture of Barnwood makes it a great multi-surface wood application.

3) Dining Areas Never Looked Better with Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are looking for a wood floor to wow your dinner guests, we suggest barnwood reclaimed flooring. You might look for where to get barnwood, but understanding what makes for a quality wood floor will work wonders for your family with the added benefit of being budget-friendly.

What goes into barnwood flooring cost and why is it such a poplar choice for DIY projects? Engineered hardwood flooring offers a high-quality surface at a great price. With our quality guarantee you can rest assured the you are buying the best engineered oak flooring available. Barn wood flooring DIY is popular because of it’s easy installation and instant beauty. Engineered flooring is a versitile selection as it is applied to concrete slab and sub-flooring equally well.

What makes Barnwood hardwood flooring so desirable?

Patina is what makes the Barnwood Collection such a great option. The other factor is the durability of Oak. Barnwood reclaimed flooring stands out as a popular choice when compared to other traditional floor coverings. If you are looking for the Barnwood boards that have the look and feel of wood timbers that was once were a piece of the old barn, look no further.

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