Tour a 15,000 Square Foot Lumber Facility

Two hundred years ago, trees were hand cut from the original American Forests. Magnificent towering trees destined to become the framework of the great warehouses, factories, barns and homes of the industrial age. Today these 150-year-old buildings are scheduled for demolition daily, filled with antique raw materials, just waiting to make their appearance in our sawmills.  

At Albany Woodworks, we invented a unique reclaiming process to preserve every grain, detail, and original saw-mark, turning heirloom architectural materials into products for modern use. We use old world craftsmanship and modern tools  bringing to you the best of both worlds; affordably and real wood products. The value of working with reclaimed lumber, is its amazing stability, durability and beauty, that is rare in new wood. And our time-tested, process unlocks a vivid history and quality of wood that is second-to-none.

Let me bring you through a quick tour of your lumber’s reclaiming process. First, these aged buildings are carefully dismantled and then transported to our 15,000 sq.ft. warehouse. Here the magic begins.  We go through each wood delivery and hand-select the perfect timber for products that you might need for your new house, business or commercial project. We remove any metal from the raw lumber, averaging 45 tons of antique nails and other metals per year. From there we then grade and cut the material into dimensional lumber and place it in storage where it awaits your unique order.

Since 1976, our tried and true shipping process insures your product to arrives safe and sound. Your completed order, whether it’s moldings, flooring, handrail, or paneling, is then professionally packaged for guaranteed shipment to your location.   

Our craftsmanship, service and attention to detail put us a cut above the rest. To say we are passionate about what we do is an understatement.  Whether you order online or visit our showroom we will give you the hands on customer service that our clients have come to expect. We are fortunate to be one of the pioneers in reclaiming this wonderful resource.  And when you purchase products from Albany Woodworks, you are bringing a new life to these historic timbers, and a lifetime of enjoyment to your home.

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