Dade County Antique Pine Flooring


Dade County Pine was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s. Our wood carries a rich history, one that started in the original virgin-growth forests of the American Gulf Coast; from the Sabine River in Texas to the bottom of the Florida Panhandle. Southern Florida, specifically Dade County, was famous for incredible long-leaf forests. Choose an option below to learn more about our exceptional reclaimed antique flooring. If you want more information on Antique Heart Pine Flooring, call us at (225)567-1155, or contact us.

Silvan Collection

Silvan Collection Heart Pine

• Open Grain   •  Character   •  Knots and Nailholes

Our Silvan Collection heart pine flooring offers the whole package: charm, versatility, and gorgeous grain patterns. This tongue and groove pine flooring collection is the perfect look for any style of home!

Chateau Collection

Chateau Collection Heart Pine

• Tight Grain   •  Best of Both Worlds   • Occasional Knots

Our Chateau Collection is the best of both worlds with its tight grain, durability and a little character. This antique heart pine flooring is appealing for a variety of decorating styles from modern to traditional. 

Prestige Collection

Prestige Collection Heart Pine

• Tight Grain   •  All Heart Wood   •  Free of Knots

Our Prestige Collection is the best of the best, all heart, tight grain, clear (free of knots). By re-milling antique heart pine, we provide a pine flooring unmatched by today’s standards, carry on tradition with this fine aged lumber.

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Your Source For Dade County Pine

Our Antique Heart Pine Flooring is sourced from old growth Long Leaf Yellow Pine also known as Dade County Pine in South Florida. Tidewater or Sinker Cypress and Knotty Pine are just some of the recycled and sustainable wood products offered by Albany Woodworks. Our wood carries a history, one that started in the original virgin-growth forests of Southern Louisiana and Dade County, Florida.

Dade County Pine was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500’s. Dade County Pine, or Longleaf Yellow Pine, comes from the “heart” of the tree, thus making it dense, strong, and highly resistant to decay and insect damage.  As a result, any project you build with this lumber adds the intrinsic Dade County Pine value. And if a rustic surface is your interest, the original antique pine of our Orleans Collection is the best quality Dirty-Top Pine in the industry.

Is Dade County Pine extinct? This durable, long-lasting wood is no longer available for harvesting, as it comes from the original virgin-growth forests of the South. If you search for Dade County Pine flooring for sale, there is only one source to get this superb quality of reclaimed antique lumber – Albany Woodworks.

Reclaimed Dade County Pine for the True Wood Lover

Ask any craftsman, the first step for an exceptional product is exceptional material. In a vintage building is where our reclaimed flooring got it’s start.

That is where all of our Dade County Pine lumber slow-dries for hundreds of years, creating a quality wood product with stability, durability and a natural patina.

What is Dade County Pine?

Pinus elliottii, or Dade County Pine history is an interesting exploration of the lumber harvesting era of the Gulf Coast of the United States.  Commonly referred to in the flooring industry as longleaf yellow pine this beautiful lumber was used for home building throughout Key West and Southern Florida.  Now the only way you can get the original reclaimed pine is through a lumber manufacturer that specializes in reclaimed dade county pine flooring.

Longleaf pine has a cherished reputation in the Florida Keys for its mix of grains and knots, durability and its frequent appearance in historic buildings of the time period during the intesnse logging of forests.  These virgin-growth forests untouched by harvesting came into popularity during the late 1800s to early 1900s from Louisiana to Florida and as far north as Georgia.

You may see a lot of listings of Dade County Pine for sale, but how do you know what you are getting is the real deal?  Not to be confused with Dade County slash pine, our Longleaf Dade County pine comes in three collections: Silvan, Prestige, and Chateau. 

When choosing what type of material to build your wood floor, Longleaf Dade County Pine may be your best option.  Naturally resistant to decay and insect damage, it is easy to see why it would be a long-lasting and durable floor to choose for your home.


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