Going Green For Your Project

Build a home designed to keep your family healthy and safe. Whether you are building or renovating an office, restaurant, or home, Albany Woodworks products are a smart and green choice for your project.  One of the great things about purchasing antique reclaimed lumber from Albany Woodworks is that it is sustainable.  Nothing holds its value better and with a rising amount of building materials being sourced out of the country, finding a long-lasting, non-toxic product is rare.  Not so for Albany Woodworks who is staying true to its American-made roots by providing the best quality reclaimed lumber in the industry.   

Green and Healthy Residential

We make sure that our customers feel good about their product choices. That’s why we a selection reclaimed products that are:

100% recycled We source our materials from historic sites being demolished, giving new life to these antique woods. 

Non-toxic By choosing low VOC adhesives on our engineered products, you can rest assured your family is happy and healthy. Our sustainable plywood backing is formaldehyde free, a component found in most new wood sourced from other countries.  

High Quality Our flooring products have some of the best wear surfaces in the industry. This cuts down on costs for the lifetime of your floor which is great for your pocket book and the environment. 


Good for the home, earth and community

In a world full of choices, you want to choose one that is good for your family and the environment. That is why we offer sustainable renewable products which keep the air safe and toxin free at work and home.

Sustainable Commercial Building

LEED-friendly, Recycled Building Materials

More and more, people are supporting brands for their environmental stewardship. There is a large social media following for companies with a public green initiative which, in turn, creates real dollars. A simple way to build an eco-positive culture for a brand is by using reclaimed lumber for commercial projects. Through our careful reclaiming process, each piece of recycled lumber is hand sorted and graded for ideal usage in commercial projects, with minimal waste. Our quality makes a difference:

Premium Stock All of our premium recycled wood stock is carefully reclaimed from slow-aged, well-seasoned recycled beams. 

Going Green Using reclaimed woods helps commercial business owners earn sustainability and LEED design points. Reclaimed wood is good for business and good for the environment.

Shipping Made Easy We ship all over the world, and have competitive shipping rates. Ask us about our green transport options.

Green Building in Action

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Want to learn more about our own sustainably built home, check out our blog “About A House: Building One Of The First Sustainable Homes In The US”.


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