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Get a great deal and avoid the wait We are offering you a “first look” at our quality products at a great discount. These packaged bundles are sold “as-is,” are expertly milled and ready to be picked up or shipped to your jobsite today!

White Oak


Reg. $1350    Sale Price $650

98 sqft. White Oak Engineered Prefinished Select Packaged Bundle

White Oak is on trend for 2020 and always a popular choice!
Product Detail:

  • 3/4-inches x 7-1/2-inches
  • Pre-finished
  • Engineered
  • 98 sqft. packaged bundle

Dirty-top Pine


Reg. $608    Sale Price $375 

64 sqft. Dirty-top Pine Engineered Orleans Collection Packaged Bundle

Original saw-marks and patina, excellent for wall paneling or flooring.
Product Detail:

  • 5/8-inches x 7-inches
  • Dirty-top
  • Engineered
  • 64 sqft. packaged bundle

Dade County Pine


Reg. $5,525    Sale Price $3,200

425 sqft. Historic-quality Dade County Heart Pine Packaged Bundle

Dade County Pine is clear of knots, straight grain, and all heart wood.
Product Detail:

  • 3/4-inches x 2-1/4-inches
  • All heart wood
  • Solid
  • 425 sqft. packaged bundle

Dirty-Top Pine


Reg. $3,975    Sale Price $3,000

500 sqft. Dirty-top Pine “Golden” Artisan Collection Packaged Bundle

All the character and beauty of Dirty-top pine with natural golden hues.
Product Detail:

  • 5/8-inches x 5-inches
  • Dirty-top “Golden”
  • Pre-finished & Engineered
  • 500 sqft. packaged bundle

Coming Soon! Our Best Deal in Dirty Top Pine

If you are looking for dirty top pine flooring on sale, we make some of the best antique heart pine flooring in Louisiana and we ship nationwide. Our Gluedown Dirty Top Pine is an instant, well-aged look that only time can create. All the beauty of a well-aged floor in gluedown application. This is our newest look in Gluedown Dirty Top Pine a southern tradition. Now for a special sale price. Minimum order 500sqft.

Regular Price: $8.60                     Sale Price: $7.25 sqft.

Product Details: Gluedown Dirty Top Pine is 1/2″ x random widths (3-1/2″, 4-1/2″ and 5-1/2″).


Naily Pine


Reg. $3,200   Sale Price $2,250

287 sqft. Rustic Naily Antique Heart Pine Packaged Bundle

Love rustic antique lumber? Our naily grade Antique Heart Pine is the original. Beautiful for wall paneling.
Product Detail:

  • 3/4-inches x 5-1/2-inches
  • Naily
  • Solid
  • 287 sqft. packaged bundle

Dirty-top Pine


Reg. $1,800    Sale Price $1,250

238 sqft. Dirty-top Pine Artisan Collection Pre-finished Engineered Packaged Bundle

All the character and beauty of Dirty-top pine with the easy installation of pre-finished engineered.
Product Detail:

  • 5/8-inches x 5-1/4-inches
  • Dirty-top
  • Pre-finished & Engineered
  • 238 sqft. packaged bundle

Flooring Gallery

Copy of Chateau Collection Flooring Wide Plank with custom stain

Flooring Gallery

Description: Milled to perfection from a variety of flooring materials including reclaimed Long-leaf pine, oak and hardwoods. Most collections are available in both engineered flooring and solid flooring options. See More Flooring


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