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Choosing the right wood type when selecting things like doors, shutters and wood flooring can make the difference between high quality and low quality. Products like natural wood flooring need a denser, harder wood type to stand up to the wear and tear of every day life. Outdoor products like shutters, custom wood doors and exterior siding options need to be rot resistant so that your products last a life time.

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“The Craftsman’s Choice”

• 500 years old • Durable and Long-lasting • Tight grain heart wood

Antique heart pine was one of the building blocks of our country’s history and one our best sellers as reclaimed heart pine flooring. Sourced from the original forests of the US, the majestic Longleaf pine trees once dominated the forests. These towering trees which, when harvested, yielded the best type of long, straight grained lumber in colors of rich gold to amber to the warm browns. 

In the mid-1920’s, the last of these trees were harvested. The conditions that allowed them to grow and develop their dense heart centers would never be present again.  Our antique heart pine offers a durability that only time can provide. 

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Perfect for: Doors, Moldings, Flooring, Accent Walls, Flooring, Wood Ceilings, Beams, Stairs, and Mantels


“The Wood Eternal”

•1,000 years old Water resistant  Open grain

Antique Heart Cypress is known as the “Wood Eternal” because of its natural rot resistance. It has been revered by craftsmen and wood workers for its wonderful work-ability for over a hundred years.

Our Antique Heart Cypress is recovered from the depths of bayous, lakes and rivers of the South. Cypress trees grew naturally in the United States in standing water, sending up “knees” to bring oxygen to the roots. Its unusual growing environment made it abundant in Louisiana, leading it to become the state tree. You may have heard several names for cypress. Swamp cypress, Tidewater Red, Louisiana Cypress, Southern Cypress, or Bald Cypress.

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Perfect for: Doors, Molding, Accent walls, Wood Ceilings, Shutters, and Mantels


“Wood of Heritage”

• 150 Years old • Slow aged • Texture and character

The grand oak tree is synonymous with the Southern United States. Known for its strength and durability, these massive oak trees that populated the early American forests were the go-to timber for barn, granary, and early industry construction.

We meticulously reclaim our antique oak from joists, rafters, granary boards, siding and floor-boards of old barns and other historic wooden structures. The history of this wood presents itself through the many patinas, character and coloration the antique timber developed in its various structural uses. White oak hardwood flooring is a popular choice for this wood type. 

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Perfect for:  Floors, Accent Walls, Wood Ceilings, Beams and Matching Stairs

NEW HEART PINE "A New Tradition"

• Affordable • Durable and long lasting • Heartwood grain
Perfect for: Flooring, Accent Walls, Wood Ceiling, and Matching Stairs

New Heart Pine Flooring is a beautiful and affordable alternative to Antique Heart Pine. New Heart Pine Flooring is carefully selected from new Southern Yellow Pine to provide the durability, color and excitement of pine flooring for the most contemporary or traditional of settings.

Known as our NuHeart Pine Flooring Collection, this wood readily accepts stains or if sealed with a clear finish begins very quickly to take on the natural patina of aged woods. Our NuHeart Pine Flooring is kiln dried and milled to perfection. This product is worthy of your consideration.

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• 150 years old • Durable and long lasting • Diverse grain and texture
Perfect for: Flooring, Accent Walls, Wood Ceiling, and Matching Stairs

One hundred and fifty year old barns were built from the available trees that were located on farm. Therefore, a variety of species were used which provide a unique and beautiful appearance.

As with all reclaimed and aged timber, they were slowly dried and cured with time, making them a more stable and durable product than their new counterparts. Products made from our Reclaimed American Hardwoods can include wood types such as poplar, hickory, sycamore, cherry, walnut, and pecan.

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• Clean classic look  • Durable and elegant • Variety of grain and texture
Perfect for: Flooring, Accent Walls, Wood Ceilings, Beams, and Matching Stairs

A long time choice for homeowners across the country, our new hardwood flooring milled from American White Oak, Hickory, Maple, Cherry, and Black Walnut, is more than just a floor covering.

It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Each wood type offering its own unique coloration and character to your project from classic White Oak to elegant American Cherry.  The result will be a lifetime quality hardwood flooring that is the finest in durability and style.

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