Is Reclaimed Heart Pine Cost Effective?

Find out how reclaimed heart pine is a cost effective, long lasting choice for a new home or home remodel.


Many people often wonder if it is worth the investment to purchase reclaimed heart pine flooring for their new home or home remodel. They may often ask themselves why buy real wood flooring instead of laminate and if it is cost effective. For those customers that are building or remodeling their home to stay rather than flip, then the answer is 100% yes.

An article from the article What is Heart Pine Flooring & How Much Does it Cost? highlights why choosing reclaimed heart pine as a product is a sound choice and investment. Heart pine ages very well over the course of years. Wear and age a heart pine floor receives is thought to improve its aesthetics, making it a very sound investment. Individuals who install reclaimed heart pine floors can feel confident that the floor they have installed will last the lifespan of their home.

Most wooden flooring requires some kind of stain, followed by a clear coat to help seal it against water damage. Reclaimed heart pine already has a rich red or golden color. Even with current trends of very dark floors, grey stains and white wash,  heart pine is versatile and takes most colors beautifully.  Staining it is a purely optional. Most homeowners choose to forgo stains in favor of the natural look of pine, making it significantly easier to install. As a result, Pine flooring tends to be less expensive than similar wood brands because it does not require staining in the same way other floors do. The staining process tends to add a lot of cost per square foot to wooden floor costs.

Character and Value

Reclaimed, antique heart pine is distinct from new heart pine for its “character”.  This is defined as the patina it acquires through use over the years. Pine is specially noted to compress and compact in a favorable way, giving it a more aged, antique look instead of simply making it look worn out. Reclaimed heart pine floors come with this from the outset. This is why it can sometimes be considered higher quality while being a recycled flooring material. It can also come in a sustainable engineered form of flooring which increases the affordability of the flooring. Engineered flooring is easy to install and very cost effective. To find out more about engineered flooring, click here.
Heart pine flooring is extremely beautiful form of wooden flooring, and its popularity is everlasting.  Installing heart pine can considerably raise the value of a home. Because it ages well, it’s very attractive for homeowners looking for a long-term purchase. It also appreciates in value over time as it develops character, making it an excellent investment.

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